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I encourage KCMS members to send me pictures from our events.  Preferred format is .jpg.  I can also use .pdf and a number of other image formats.  Email starmstr1@bak.rr.com (Steve Collett).


My newest "yard rock" is this fascinating and complex piece of serpentine, collected just yesterday, April 5th 2014..  Believed to me a metamorphosed pyroxine, serpentine is a magniseum iron silicate, associated with asbestos.  The chatoyance, an irridescent property associated with the surface striations, is obvious and very beautiful as you change your angle of view. 

Chatoyance comes from a French word meaning "eye of the cat", and is an intriguing feature of Australian Tiger eye, several forms of feldspar such as labradorite, and several other minerals.

                                       Steve Collett,  starmstr1@bak.rr.com

These two "duelling hedgehogs" are slabs from a large piece of the trunk of a petrified sycamore.  They were exhibited by Herm Rogers at the 2013 Kern County Fair.

Searles Lake Minerals
demonstrating a "blow" of hot water and halides from under the lake. From the October 2013 Gem-o-Rama.

Meeting Hall/Museum for Searles Lake Gem and Mineral Society, in Trona.

                                    Trona Pinnacles, just South of Searles Lake.


Some weeks ago Erika Bowen posted this photo of some Native American petroglyphs near Opal Mountain, not far from Barstow.  This is from a 2013 collecting trip.

    Here's a picture of our friend Tim Elam, retired geologist and member of the Board of Directors of the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History in downtown Bakersfield.  At our February meeting, Tim gave us a presentation about his experience as a Park Service Naturalist at Crater Lake, Oregon.
     Tim gives a talk about some topic relating to geology on the first Saturday of every month, October through May, at Buena Vista.  Tim is an articulate, warm and engaging speaker.  Below I'll list the dates and topics for his upcoming presentations.

                       Upcoming Presentations by geologist Tim Elam:

      May 3,            3:00 PM          “Life on the Edge: California and the San Andreas Fault”
September 20, 3:00 PM         “Sharktooth Hill- A Kern County Fossil Treasure”
      October 4,       3:00 PM          "Earthquakes in Kern County"
      November 1,    3:00PM           “Gold in Kern County!”
      November 15,   3:00PM           “Let’s Talk Crude- Petroleum Geology of Kern County”
      December 6,    3:00 PM          “Roadside Geology of Kern County”

             Presentations take place at Buena Vista Museum of Natural History,
                                  21st and Chester in downtown Bakersfield.

In Tecopa
, February 2014:  Steve and Connie Fleishhauer, Erika Bowen, and David Schaad.

Outside the wonderful little museum in Shoshone, in southern Inyo county, there is a nifty display of the important rocks and minerals of the region.  Cathy Collett took photos of all of them, and I'm going to put most of them on this page.  Here are Fanglomerate, Rhyolite and Gabbro.

More from Shoshone:  Butte Valley Lava, Eureka Quartzite, and Tin Mountain Limestone.